Do you dread the office carpool, espcecially when it’s your turn to drive? Your car says a lot about you. Do you want your co-workers to have to push aside the food wrappers and empty cups just to find a non-sticky spot of upholestery to sit on? Don’t let the mud-caked wheels, the windows full of smears, the words “WASH ME” carved in dust on the bumper get leaked back to the office and effectively kill your reputation. Keep your reputation intact with a great Detail from Ricochet’s Rapid Detail in Scranton.

Quality will never cost you extra at Ricochet’s Rapid Detail. As a professional, thorough, expert auto detailing service you won’t find anywhere else, RRD has over 25 years experience in the auto detailing industry. With just one man in the auto detail shop, your detailing is guaranteed to be done right. You will enjoy expert interior and exterior detailing along with the “trick my truck experience” from RRD, at an affordable prices even the “poor man” can afford! Come on out to Ricochet’s Rapid Detail and take advantage of the customer perks that no other auto detail service is going to offer.