Please be advised the prices listed below are subject to change without notice, these prices are a starting point and each vehicle cost may vary due to severity.

NOW AVAILABLE: Can’t find a package the suites your needs or budget? Give us a call and we will build a custom package to suit your needs and/or budget!!

Mini Basic Package (Mini – Flash)
Package includes: wash; tires, wheels, carpets vacuumed, interior wiped down, door jambs and windows cleaned
Cars and Small Trucks– $55.00
Trucks/SUVs – $75.00

Exterior Detail (The 01)
Package includes wash and wax, cleaner clay, windows cleaned, and tires dressed.
Cars and Small Trucks – $100.00
Trucks/SUVs – $125.00

With Buffing – Cars $135
With Buffing – Trucks / SUVs $150.00

Basic Package (The Flash)
Package includes wash and wax; tires, wheels, carpets vacuumed, interior wiped down, door jambs and windows cleaned
Cars and Small Trucks– $100.00
Trucks/SUVs – $125.00

Interior Detail  (The Quickdraw)
Package includes carpets vacuumed; and dashboard, door panels, jambs and interior windows cleaned.
Cars – $100.00
Trucks/SUVs – $125.00

(Prices above are with shampooing. If you don’t need shampooing, it’s $25 less)

Complete Detail (The Extreme)
Package includes wash and wax, clay bar, buffing, tires, wheels, carpets shampooed and vacuumed; dashboard, door panels and door jambs cleaned and detailed.
Cars and Small Trucks – $175.00
Trucks/SUVs – $225.00

Basic Car Wash Package (The Ricochet)

Package # 1 – Rinse, Wash, Rinse
Cars – $15.00
Trucks/SUVs $25.00

Package # 2 – Rinse, Wash, Rinse, Tires, Wheels
Cars – $25.00
Trucks / SUVs – $35.00

Package # 3 – Rinse, Wash, Rinse, Tires, Wheels, and Degreasing
Cars – $30.00
Trucks / SUVs – $45.00

Ricochet’s Rapid Detail Customer Perks

 Ricochets Redneck Bucks Program

We will give you $10 in Redneck Bucks for each referral just to say “Thanks!”
Once you have accumulated 5 paid referrals, you receive a free basic detail (The Flash) or The Bullet valued at $50.

Ricochet’s Rapid Detail Frequent Flyer Program

Once you have had your car fully detailed up by us either through The Flash or The Extreme package, we provide you with a low special rate to lock into so that your RIDE doesn’t have a chance to get dirty

***PLEASE NOTE: In order to qualify for this rate, you have to stay consistent with your appointments with us for twelve months; Otherwise, your rate will go back to the regular rate. These are set up by appointment.***

Monthly (The Mona Lisa)

Car $35.00
Mini Suv $40.00
Truck/SUV $55.00

Bi-Monthly (The Savannah)

Car $45.00
Mini Suv $55.00
Truck/SUV $65.00

Quarterly ( The Mr. Quinn)
Car $55 .00
Mini Suv $65.00
Truck/SUV $75.00

We offer free pickup and delivery to Scranton Metropolitan area. All others cost of pickup and delivery is $25.00 (non-negotiable).

Gift Certificates May Not Be Combined with any other Offer (i.e. Coupons) 

Ricochet’s Rapid Detail reserves the right to inspect any vehicle prior to quoting a price and refuse service.
Vehicle inspections can be done at our location at no cost. We are NOT able to accept pictures of your vehicle; it must be evaluated in person.