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  1. Mary Garm, 18509: Dave picked up my car at the office and returned it to me a couple of hours later clean and shiny. This service is very convenient, as well as professional. My car looks great! Dave has been detailing my vehicles for several years now, and I am always pleased with the results.
  2. Audrey Rabecs, 18505: I have had my car detailed by Dave for many years now.  He is always on time to pick up the car and always brings it back when he says he will.  He does the best detailing I have ever seen.  People have told me they don’t recognize my car after Dave has worked on  it.  He goes the extra mile, polishing my leather seats, checking the air in my tires and even putting in windshield washer liquid for me.  He is friendly, courteous and a very hard worker.  His wife Lucia is super good at scheduling appointments, reminding me of my appointment and answering any questions I have.  She is also friendly, helpful and courteous always.
  3. Vince Arnone, 18512: Both vehicles came out good.
  4. Jeff Leone, 18411: I dropped of my truck and got a call when it was done.
  5. Dorothy Hughes, 18504: I called Rapid Ricochet to see if they could get bright Yellow line paint off my new car. They took me that day and got every bit off—underneath-in the wheel wells and all the IVORY on my car–excellent job
  6. Chris Mazzino 18507: Excellent! I cannot believe how great my car looks.
  7. Ryan colachino 18519: Always a good experience.
  8. Brooke Miller 18444: David’s work is excellent, he really knows how to get to the nitty gritty of a vehicle.  When my car left his garage it looked like it just came out of the show room.  David takes his time with every vehicle and provides the best service.  He is the only guy I go to to get my car detailed as he knows what is best for my car.  I take pride in my vehicle and only the best hands is allowed to touch it other then my own.I recommend RRD to anyone.
  9. Ernie Andreoli, 18403: They did a fantastic job and I would definitely recommend them to others. Can’t beat the price!
  10. Theresa Collins, 18411: Outstanding! Front door pick up and return of vehicle. Prompt and courteous service. Car looks fantastic!!
  11. James Eckler, 18510: It was great. On time, friendly, high quality.
  12. Lisabeth Maletta. 18411: Fantastic as always, great job at a reasonable price.
  13. John Sharp, 18641: There wasn’t an incredible mess, but it definitely was obvious that it was used. There were some light scratches a long the doors and the rims had lost their shine. I dropped it off in the morning and Dave had asked me if I needed it back for any particular time otherwise it would be about 1:30 that it would be done. He asked if I needed a ride anywhere or if someone would pick me up, something not many other businesses even consider. Everything was done pretty close to the time he gave. When I pulled up it was like I was looking at a brand new car again. Everything shiny and clean like it had just rolled out of the factory. Scratches had vanished, rims looked brand new, and the inside looked like a person had never been in there. Definitely would use again and will recommend to my friends!
  14. Joe Picc, 18505: It was great.  Vehicle looked like brand new when finished.  I couldn’t believe it.
  15. Ann Gilmartin, 18505: The workmanship is excellent. They are efficient, polite, always on time, and professional. Fees are very competitive. I am exceptionally pleased with this service.
  16. Greg Potochnick, 18444: Great Experience. Would highly recommend!
  17. Christen Sumerano, 18518: The job done was excellent…The interior was cleaned and is spotless…The car was fully detailed inside and out and we will be frequent fliers on this particular service…Dave and Lucia are very professional and very nice…Well worth the money!!
  18. Michael Sumerano, 18518: Car looks fantastic as if it just came out of the showroom.  I signed up for regular details as it’s cheaper in the long run compared to buying all of the proper cleaning materials and the time it takes.
  19. David Zarko, 18510: On time pick up, good cleaning, on time return.
  20. Jim Sacco, 18512: Dave has been doing my Jeep for over 3 years and there has never been any issues, always done on time and top quality. I recommend him to everyone!
  21. Jeffrey Taylor, 18407: Ricochets did a great job on the car.  I was unable to pick my car up after it was finished.  Dave and Lucia went above and beyond what was expected.   They delivered my vehicle right to my doorstep.. You could not ask for anything more.   I was very impressed.  Another excellent job by Ricochets!!!!!!
  22. C Loftus, 18508: The service was excellent and I would highly recommend this company.
  23. Don Keating, 18640: I have been using Dave exclusively for a few years now. He does excellent work and his customer service is top notch.
  24. Robert Bruno, 18411: Always the best work I have ever seen.  Been using their services for over 3 years and without any issues.
  25. Ryan Colachino, 18519: Great job as always. I look forward to my appointments with Dave.
  26. Ryan Colachino, 18519: Very happy. car looks awesome as always. Dave does a great job.
  27. Mary Jane Kobeski, 18419: I called at the last minute for an appointment and they fit me right in on less than 3 days and did a fantastic job. I can’t believe you got the soda stains out of the back seat! Thank you:)
  28. Lisa Kenny, 18509: everything is perfect, I’ve used Ricochet’s in the past on many occasions and Dave has accomplished things I never thought possible!  removed crayon stains/marker etc., his quality of service is amazing and I never hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family!
  29. Tim Moran, 18411: I have to commend Dave on his excellent service.  Due to a pet accident in our back seat (cloth seats), we called last minute to schedule an appointment.  Not only were Dave and Lucia extremely responsive, but they were able to work us into the schedule on VERY short notice.  Needless to say, where there once was a very foul pet odor, remains no evidence.  The interior of our car, after detail and shampoo, is good as new.  I’d certainly recommend Ricochet’s Rapid Detail to anyone!
  30. Linda Bittenbender, 18411: Dave called to say he was on the way – arrived 15 minutes later. Said he would be back in 3 hours. He and Lucia arrived 10 minutes early. Very friendly. Enjoyed talking to them.
  31. Pat Burke, 18505: Dave the detailer was on time with the time he said. He was very reasonably priced. My car looks new again.
  32. Carol Dilone, 18446: They sent me a text for a reminder and confirmation of my appointment which was nice. I had to change my appointment at the last minute and they were able to get me in the next day (Sunday) even though I told them it could wait till the next weekend. I dropped it off in the morning and within several hours David called me to say my car was ready. My car looked wonderful when I got there and it smells so nice inside.  I wish it would not have rained during the day and on the way home so others could have seen how nice it looked, but it’s now protected for the winter.  They even participate in an employee discount for my employer which is really great –  this is the second time they have detailed my car, I wouldn’t go anywhere else even if it were cheaper.  They are the best!  Thanks for the great job!!
  33. Peter Arnold, 18431: Did a great job. car looks perfect.
  34. Lynn Evans, 18411: Perfect
  35. Viola Krzywiec, 18403: Would definitely hire again!
  36. Morrill Reed, 18512: Due to a personal scheduling conflict, I had to reschedule appointment. Lucia was cordial & rescheduled a time close to original date. Both Lucia & Dave were personable & friendly. Price was reasonable and work was well done.
  37. Dolores Conte, 18505: Car looked fantastic when finished.
  38. Ryan Colachino, 18519: Went very well. As always pick up and drop off were on time. And the car was spotless when it returned. Dave always does nice work. The only place I trust my car alone.
  39. Theresa Collins, 18411: EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!! Picked & returned vehicle. Always prompt, courteous…makes my car look great & and offers the convenience of a regular appointment to keep my car looking GREAT!!! I highly recommend Dave & Lucia :)
  40. Dave Sevensky II, 18505: Dave is great! Polite, cheerful, does not smoke or curse, works fast and efficient.
  41. Perry Rose, 18411: Ricochet’s provide a good service at a very good price. Because they pick up your car on a set schedule you never have to worry about getting to them, they come to you. By having the car detailed on a regular basis (which I wouldn’t do if I had to drop it off) the car is much better taken care of.
  42. Maude Heim- Klara, 18505: Car was picked up and delivered performed an immaculate wash and wax job. He is perfectionist about his detailing.
  43. Frank Karluk, 18517: The service is phenomenal. Both Dave and Lucia are always on top of the schedule and are always willing to work with you if need be. Always a concern on how clean the inside is, they somehow go above and beyond every time.
  44. Cathy Hague, 18644: My car is picked up by Dave for servicing and returned also. He is always on time and the job is always completed efficiently.
  45. Pat T, 18411: Exactly as promised. Recommended by close friend which should say something of itself, follow thrust was wonderful.
  46. John Szarek, 18507: Our car was in need of detailing so we contacted Ricochets. The car was washed and waxed, and the wheels and tires treated. The inside upholstery and carpets were vacuumed and shampooed. They picked the up and delivered it as promised.
  47. John Sharp, 18641: Amazing as always. Dave does a great job on the car. He takes his time and gets everything down to the last detail looking good. Have not seen anyone else get a black car looking as nice as he does. Plus he gives tips and advice to keep it looking good!
  48. John Talerico, 18518: Came on time.Friendly Ops manager professional and courteous Pleasurable experience
  49. Doug Yeomans, 18510: Great communication, A+ service,
  50. John Sharp, 18641: Dave made my car look great! It’s hard to get a great look out of black paint but he does it spectacularly.
  51. Ryan Colachino: 18519; As always it went very well. Dave is always on time and professional. I look forward to my appointments.
  52. Robert Kane, 18505: It went great! Car was done on time and looked incredible! Ricochet always does incredible work and never disappoints. He always keeps his appointments and always has your car ready when he tells you. His prices are fair and he truly does have a passion for his work. I would recommend to anyone!  Ricochet has been detailing both of my cars for over a year and I think he is the best around by far!
  53. Kathy Kelly, 18504: All looks great wheel rims, leather inside. Fantastic
  54. Linda Weaver, 18414: A great job done on my non garaged car which travels on a dirt road daily and is parked near the dirt road. They were very nice and went out of their way for me compared to other services I have used in the past.
  55. Keith McCann; He removed paint that got on my mother’s car after pennDOT painted lines on the road. He did an excellent job, so I took my car there for detailing. 100% satisfied. Very prompt. Best prices around. I will be a repeat customer.
  56. Doug Yeomans, Dunmore PA Excellent service. Pick up and drop off of vehicle available. Flexible scheduling. Quality work
  57. John Sharp, 18641 Always manages to make the look like it rolled off the lot yesterday!
  58. The work was excellent and Jenny was very please with the Highlander. Said it was cleaner than when she bought it new. – Chsis and Jen Steiner
  59. You guys do a terrific job – Howard Mcintosh
  60. Brian Brack Scranton PA could not ask for a better outcome, beautiful showroom finish….

  61. Michelle White, Carbondale PA Car was completed quickly and looked great!

  62. Terri Dibello, Lehighton PA Couldn’t be happier with the way the car came back.  These people are great to work with and they know what they ar doing.  Thi job would have taken me ll weekend and it never would have looked this good.  For a very resonable price it looks like a brand new car
  63. Audrey Rabecs, Scranton PA Dave, you really outdid yourself, the car is beautiful inside and out.  I can actually see out the side windows now