About Us

Once upon a time a man had a dream, a dream that would become a reality…

Ricochets Rapid Detail. From the age of 13, Dave would detail vehicles for friends and family. After being so inspired for the love of auto detailing he then decided to pursue his auto detailing dream by working for small mom and pop shops in Lackawanna County. In the year 1998, Dave landed his all time career with Kelly Volkswagen, in Scranton PA. In 1999, Dave met his lifetime business partner Lucia Piccolino. They have been working together since 2001 and have been at the Fig Street location since 2002. The garage had nothing, but thanks to their hard work these past few years since the company was born , they now have the ceiling, the walls, the heat/water in the garage, the basic necessities that they need. Lucia, having the past business history she did with Lucia’s Pizza from 1984-2001, opened up the business full force in 2004 as a DBA and recently incorporated into an LLC in 2007.

So now you are probably wondering how we got the name “Ricochet’s Rapid Detail”.
Dave’s nickname is ‘Ricochet’ and is well known as Ricochet Dave and the business name Ricochets Rapid Detail comes from no one other than the famous cartoon character Ricochet Rabbit. This was a nickname given to him by the crew at Kelly Volkswagen when he started working there in 1998. The people at Kelly call him Ricochet because of the speed and quality Dave delivers when it comes to cleaning your car. As Ricochet Rabbit would say, “Ping, ping, ping!”